Saturday, April 2, 2011

Friday by my book

In my mind, one in the morning still counts as the night before!. No painting today, but did get some rough drafts off for a commissioned album cover. These were little thumbnail sketches, which I have done as a habit. But since I am in full-on learning mode, and they have been mentioned often in recent reading, thought I'd give them a try.  Showed them to everyone I came in contact with as an informal poll for the band. To my surprise, the thumbnails were well-received, even for a work that would be fairly abstract...

So, a new tool in my kit! Nice. Also, found some great frames (yea!) at a local thrift, which made me feel like a million bucks. One of my finds already has an Edvard Munch print in it. Family concensus is that it is too "spooky" but I suppose now I have to find out if it is a "real" print as opposed to a poster/cheap repro. Since it's custom-framed...well, guess I have to check before I tear into it!

So, this is a large work completed last month...Hoping for a good painting day tomorrow.

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