Monday, November 24, 2014

No little love

Hard to believe it's been a year since I posted here...and a year since I've painted. A dear friend asked me a heart-rending, and very real, question the other day, "How do you do it? Why should I keep trying, why keep living"? It's a reasonable question to me.

There are surely as many answers to that as there are people who might ask it, but there's one answer that is always Love of someone, love of self, love of art, love of trees that are never truly straight...It's not the who or the what that matters. It's the act of loving, which for all time has always been the one act that can transport us, and heal us, and make of us more than what we are, no matter where we are or what hardship we bear. Love that breaks us out of the prisons of ourselves, and our self-conceptions. There is no little love. Maybe we grasp and hang on to what we think of as a small love, then another, but then someday, we find those little loves are branches springing from the tree of life, they are fundamental to our being, our lives.

And as Anna Nalick sings in 2 am (Breathe)...Just breathe.