Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last session Alethea

I'm really pleased how this painting turned out. A little less battling with technique and a little more expression of how things look to me. Thanks also to everyone for comments.

Tom Edgerton brought a sample of one of his finished portraits to class today and gave us all a bit of inspiration, as well as some solid discussion of technique. It's hard to convey the amount of sheer effort that goes into a good portrait, and Tom does GREAT portraits. Aloha!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Color Crazy

Today's portrait session seemed like major progress. Refining the drawing a lot. And some success at making the color work to "turn the form" or add to the structural sense. Sometimes my biggest challenge is learning to trust the process and not to rush. I tend to exaggerate whatever I'm doing, whether it's the line, the shape, the color. So, learning not to settle for less, to stay relaxed and keep on refining. Probably there's a life lesson in here for me, too! Aloha

And, yes, I am crazy for color.


The Color of the Year Challenge for Daily Paintworks was entirely about the color Tangerine Tango. There are two tangerines in the bowl, but really the tango in this painting was all about the light dancing on the bowl and counter. There are some moments when light brings such rapture, manifestly reveals itself as the sustenance of life ...it does feel like the universe is dancing. Aloha!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Heart Feet Wishes

Perhaps some of you were able to catch the Leonardo Live broadcast in a movie theater near you.... http://leonardolivehd.com/
First time for me to see an example of the newer trend toward using the large movie theater screen for a high definition broadcast, in this case a fascinating look at the most comprehensive exhibit of paintings by Leonardo Da Vinci ever created. Thoroughly enjoyable, if paced at a slightly out of breath speed. Pretty sure I will try to make it to future events.

In our house, holidays last at least a week, so not too late to say "Heart feet" or maybe "Art felt" wishes for all you hearts and soles for a Happy Valentine's. Aloha!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alethea session 2

Aloha! Portrait class day....always a good day.  Working on capturing planes on the face (as opposed to lines and isolated features). Building the image as a whole, typical for alla prima painting. As soon as class is over, of course, one wants to just fix one more thing....well, next week!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Warming up

Today started out bitter cold but now it's a balmy 52 degrees F, and sunny. Portrait class is warming up with a new model with all this red hair. Fun! Aloha!


 White on white...this is hard to paint and hard to reproduce online! The Daily Paintworks Challenge strikes again. This is for you, Little Bird. Aloha!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Snow Day...

Really we haven't had anything resembling a snow day this winter, but this painting is from a photograph of a friend's beloved dog who succumbed to cancer this year. My friend Karen couldn't make it to paint tonight, but since I had already made the commitment to paint, it got me to the easel. Entering in the Daily Paintworks challenge for Man/Woman's Best Friend, as I try to catch back up on the challenges I missed while I was under the weather myself. Missing the snow a little, actually, so maybe the Groundhog will be right and we'll still have a chance at some snow this year. Having someone to share it with makes all the difference! Aloha!