Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thurs thoughts

Well, I did get to paint today...working on a portrait that has been a long struggle, but am finally starting to appreciate...but I'm not posting the photo just yet. Instead will put up a previous work to share...

Have been enjoying input from other artists' work. is an interesting website, where a large number of artists have posted. A lot of variety, including some very young-looking action figure or manga inspired art, but really a large range.

Funny how everyone talks about finding one's voice as an artist, and creating a unique "look" or style. From the group activities I've been involved in (a shout out to x8 in Birmingham, AL) and from what I see on sites like Bluecanvas, it seems that a unique voice is almost inherent in the artist! What's maybe more interesting is that the artist expresses more and more what they care about and that they refine what they love. I think I'll keep working in abstract and in figurative, large and small, and follow the obsession...

Hope everyone finds something wonderful to look at today...
Aloha, Melle

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday musings

Well, Monday the blog didn’t happen but art did. Tom Edgerton’s class on portrait painting has been a revelation. Here’s a rough draft painting of beloved artist Jean…Very uneven and unfinished, but the process has been wonderful. Tom makes precise and helpful and gentle observations and the focus and joy in the room is delightful. This is the first time in my life I have looked forward to Monday!

Waiting on some painting time tonight…and excited about some canvases that I have. Here’s a confession. On occasion, I have “saved” a painting that has been essentially (or literally) discarded by others. So, from the thrift store to my studio, and we’ll see where it goes. Maybe I’ll post some before and afters. It’s kind of exciting to work on surface that isn’t white and maybe already has colors or directions or textures. Usually it’s a complete redo…but somehow I like that the canvas has a history, even if it’s entirely hidden…as do most things in life.

So, here’s to all your history, seen and unseen, and to the beauty that art and love can bring to anything at all.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Sunday

Today the weather was anything but spring-like, but I ended up painting spring anyway. These flowers were sent to me by my sweetie, and they were in the fullness of blooming. So, after a wonderful day with the house full of visiting family…the paints came out and started in on this. So, posting just the beginning of a painting today, and grateful for all the excitement and love that was in my home today.

Aloha, Family and Friends…

Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Marks, Saturday

Welcome to Studio Melle…
It’s spring…time for renewal and growth, and letting go of the winter rest. National Public Radio had a piece yesterday on the symbolism of cherry blossoms that has stayed with me… The cherry blossom as symbol of the transience of things was discussed in light of the recent tsunami in Japan. Perhaps they can also be seen as a symbol of hope.

This weblog is new for me, and I hope to share my own journey of renewal and change, and to share all that I am grateful for, over the course of it. I don’t know if life is truly short, as we say, but it is precious.

To begin…paintings posted here might be older ones or recent, figurative or abstract, and comments or questions are welcome. I like the idea of daily paintings, and might work that into these postings. Since I am new to this, any suggestions are appreciated.

Aloha, Friends!