Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday musings

Well, Monday the blog didn’t happen but art did. Tom Edgerton’s class on portrait painting has been a revelation. Here’s a rough draft painting of beloved artist Jean…Very uneven and unfinished, but the process has been wonderful. Tom makes precise and helpful and gentle observations and the focus and joy in the room is delightful. This is the first time in my life I have looked forward to Monday!

Waiting on some painting time tonight…and excited about some canvases that I have. Here’s a confession. On occasion, I have “saved” a painting that has been essentially (or literally) discarded by others. So, from the thrift store to my studio, and we’ll see where it goes. Maybe I’ll post some before and afters. It’s kind of exciting to work on surface that isn’t white and maybe already has colors or directions or textures. Usually it’s a complete redo…but somehow I like that the canvas has a history, even if it’s entirely hidden…as do most things in life.

So, here’s to all your history, seen and unseen, and to the beauty that art and love can bring to anything at all.


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