Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thurs thoughts

Well, I did get to paint today...working on a portrait that has been a long struggle, but am finally starting to appreciate...but I'm not posting the photo just yet. Instead will put up a previous work to share...

Have been enjoying input from other artists' work. is an interesting website, where a large number of artists have posted. A lot of variety, including some very young-looking action figure or manga inspired art, but really a large range.

Funny how everyone talks about finding one's voice as an artist, and creating a unique "look" or style. From the group activities I've been involved in (a shout out to x8 in Birmingham, AL) and from what I see on sites like Bluecanvas, it seems that a unique voice is almost inherent in the artist! What's maybe more interesting is that the artist expresses more and more what they care about and that they refine what they love. I think I'll keep working in abstract and in figurative, large and small, and follow the obsession...

Hope everyone finds something wonderful to look at today...
Aloha, Melle

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  1. Hi Melle,

    Enjoyed reading your posts. This piece is very interesting and full of wonderful soft textures and subtle colors. Keep doing what your doing to find your voice and express what you love! looking forward to more. Looking to virtually connect with other daily painters for inspiration and feedback. Stop by my blog if you're so inclined.Happy blogging.