Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Still

Another large canvas, with a larger than life image. No drawing at all on the canvas, as I was starting in on a loaner canvas that already had paint on it (thank you to whoever left it behind in the studio). So, the circumstances dictated: lots of paint on the brush, covering lots of canvas fast, so that the previous (now upside down) image would "go away". Frankly, I love painting like this! The added interest in the background and having plenty of paint to push around on the canvas are really appealing.

Finally the evenings and mornings are wonderfully comfortable, but the daytime is still full-on hot...I think it shows in this painting.... Aloha!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Refining Pete

Not that Pete is someone who could or should be refined...but the painting is a little farther along. Today was kind of a long day that involved hives, antihistamines and major caffeine infusions...hhhmmmm. Don't think that's the ideal combination for artistic endeavors, so I was happy to make any progress at all. Til next time! Aloha!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Painting Pete

Can you see that we have some back-lighting in this set-up? This painting seems all about temperature shifts and capturing some of the really great colors which the light is picking out. Pete is happily a model who can carry a pose like this, and also he doesn't make too much fun of me for all the squinting and sticking my tongue out that he has to endure looking at while I'm concentrating. Glad nobody is taking pictures.

Tom Edgerton, our illustrious leader, frequently says something along the lines of "A bad day painting is still a pretty great day". And today was a good day painting. Aloha!