Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Last session Alethea

I'm really pleased how this painting turned out. A little less battling with technique and a little more expression of how things look to me. Thanks also to everyone for comments.

Tom Edgerton brought a sample of one of his finished portraits to class today and gave us all a bit of inspiration, as well as some solid discussion of technique. It's hard to convey the amount of sheer effort that goes into a good portrait, and Tom does GREAT portraits. Aloha!


  1. This is rock solid. You can be justifiably proud. Thanks for bringing so much to the class.--TE

  2. Very expressive portrait, you can be proud :-))

    1. Thank you Jane! I love the wonder of portraits.

  3. Great job on this portrait. It was nice to see the different stages of this painting and it turned out really well! I agree with you, portraits can be so tough yet so rewarding when well done!

  4. Melle,

    This turned out really stunning. Congrats on a great portrait.