Monday, April 11, 2011

Dead Rose

A Birthday Song for Terry

What to get you for your birthday,
When you no longer have hands, or eyes, or mouth.
What to get the man who has nothing, instead of everything?
We had everything ahead of us, and nothing holding us back,
It seemed. And yet you saw shadows, canyons, deserts, danger
Where I saw a great and beautiful land we would explore together…

I tried everything, I willed everything, to dismantle
The bomb strapped to your chest. It exploded...
I cleaned up your blood. I tried to give you everything
And now there is nothing I can give you
At all.

But look at what you gave me…
Life. The little one who clings to me
And is just beginning to try those first steps.
You’re not here to see them.
All these ultimate gifts you’ve given me. Not only life,
But now I don’t have to fear death…not with you moving on ahead.
But oh, how I wish you were here instead.

If there is no light without darkness, then the darkness of your death
Must be making a tremendous light somewhere. And if death makes life sweet,
Then my life must now be the sweetest.
I just can’t taste it yet.

I wrote this poem four years ago...seemed like the time to share it. The painting was done today, another challenge. Aloha...

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