Tuesday, April 5, 2011


For a small painting this sure took a long time...Another Daily Painting challenge and probably the hardest I've done. Haven't really done many landscapes, and found if hard to work from a photo of someplace I haven't been. After this sits for a while, I might try to simplify it a little. But not today!

Hoorah again for Tom's portrait class. How lucky to be in the studio with a world class professional and my motivated, creative and inspiring classmates. Last night, Tom painted our model, and I really benefited from looking at exactly the same setting while we both worked. I'm glad I'm at least seeing some of the things he is teaching us about, even if I can't always make it happen. Check out his website (sites of interest).

A big thank you to so many people who responded to my email about the blog.It is really great to hear back from people that I care about and to share my passion for art. You are magnificent!


  1. I think this painting is absolutely perfect the way it is--no need to simplify. I painted from this photo last night, and understand the opportunities and challenges. Your light and color are wonderful

  2. Thank you for looking my painting and comment! I am new to this and you are the first to comment on one of the Challenge paintings I have submitted. The light and color are what I poured my effort into...so glad it came across. Would love to see your painting...if you don't submit to the site, you could send an email. Thanks again!