Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Pollen in Paint

So beautiful outside today, but a challenge to breathe! At least I had some time to work on this floral study inside, in relative safety. Thinking this evening how the beginning of a painting is always exciting, and then there’s the hard work in the middle. Seems to me that there is usually an “ugly” stage for most paintings…that’s the middle, when you start covering all the beautiful beginning marks that you are in love with and start mining for new ones.  Much like other ventures in life. Of course, the finish line is always exciting. So, looking forward to that next.

p.s. May 16, 2011: interestingly this painting did not make it to the finish line...for reasons having nothing to do with paint, and everything with moving forward, this became the canvas for portrait class. So, now it exists only in photograph and memory. Aloha...

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