Friday, January 16, 2015

Challenge Final Day! Surf's up!

Today was all about fleeting moments at the lake. Early in the morning, everything was super soft and glowing in a bit of morning fog. I knew it would be burned off by the time I got back. Indeed by then, the sun was finally makiing an appearance. But I was so grateful for the warm boots and scarf and hat!! The wind was starting to stir! 

This is from the tower again; I've been taking liberties with the topography all week. Maybe if they make me artist-in-residence I will be less cavalier about it!

Later, after warming up at Jerrys Artarama, and a quick lunch, it was even wilder out there! The water was churning, and throwing up really fantastic sparkles when viewed from the shore. That's another drawing for later...Aloha!


  1. Beautiful!! Well done Melle you did it and you've produced your best work so far!!

  2. What a great way to start the year, Azra! I'm thinking about goals for the year...Roos Schuring at has an interesting series about that. I'm excited to keep going!