Friday, January 30, 2015

Between Realities

For the March 2014 "Mid-ism" challenge in Daily Paintworks: the idea was to paint in the middle ground between Impressionism and Expressionism. In my mind, Impressionism rejected the artifice of the Academy to pursue a truth in visual representation of the "real" world and Expressionism rejects a reliance on representing the external world in order to pursue a truth in showing the internal one. 

My thoughts were of responding as simply as I could to what I saw, and allowing that response to be my own as much as possible. How close it comes to truth in either regard is perhaps not for me to judge!



  1. I think you painted a great interpretation of this challenge, I don't know how large this is but it would look amazing in a big format.

  2. This is only 7 x 9 inches, but I think that's a great idea! I really prefer working larger so maybe when my arm is working better, this will be one to try! It was really fun and thought-provoking to do.