Monday, January 12, 2015

5 Day Challenge! Day 1

Please see my friend Azra's blog (see blogs I follow for the link)! I have been enjoying her art for some time, and she has graciously extended a 5 Day Challenge to me, which I will share with others as soon as I can figure out how! This is a real transition time for our family, and for me personally to be committing much more to art.

You can tell it's not Hawaii, right? Did a quick painting sketch (watercolors and watercolor pencils) at Crabtree Lake ....gray day, with lots of runoff heading into the lake to liven things up. So, see you tomorrow for Day 2 and Aloha!


  1. Hi Melle, its great that you're taking up the challenge and this is a beautiful

  2. Thanks Azra! Still going....look what your post about driving in the rain made me do! That and the fact that we are supposed to have ice storms tomorrow!