Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Street Party!

The original painting...and today got the disc and cover.  I was listening to the rough cut while painting, and have to say the final version is great! Have a listen (http://www.streetpartyband.com/)...and crank it up for your next party, even if it's just you and the cat (hey, it works for me).

Working on this week's portrait...all the light disappeared, so putting it back! Just to share for those who haven't taken up a paintbrush (yet?)...the paint really changes as it dries sometimes (but not all throughout or in the same degree, depending on the pigment). All part of the dance. Aloha!


  1. Love the use of blue, making it seem cool and timely. The band is actually pretty good! Hope your collaboration is successful.

  2. Thank you! I listened to the demo version of Beautifully Complicated throughout the art-making and I think the fun comes right through in the painting. Actually, I'm wearing the t-shirt right now...rock on, Street Party!