Friday, February 20, 2015

On a roll

On a roll, in terms of wondering what I am painting! Literally, this is a marble in a small dosing cup made of metal, given to me by a friend from Brasil after she had her daughter (on my birthday, as instructed!). It's resting on a beautiful handwoven blanket given to me years later by another friend after the birth of my daughter. 

Reminds me (now) of a dragon eye, and of the moon stone treasure that the Dragon was guarding in the last painting. 



  1. Love the story - love the painting!

  2. Thank you! I revised it today, and posted a new photo and am happier with this version...

  3. Beautiful work Melle, love the colours and the textures!!

  4. Thanks Azra! Anything in the works for you? Wondering if you might like to send me a photo of your cat for a little portrait? Thought I'd offer....