Friday, February 27, 2015

At love has come along....


And I finally finished this one! I started this last weekend for the Valentine's Day-inspired Daily Paintworks Challenge to paint animals that typically mate for life. Happily, some brief but lovely sunshine had the male Red Wolf (Canis rufus) strutting his stuff at our local museum, and I was able to get some reference photos. But La Belle Dame sans Merci was hidden away in her den, much to his distress. So, I had to be like Cupid and compose this happy scene without her! 

Okay, that was one for the record books as far as difficulty for me, and I am not waiting one moment to post it, lest I start in on it again. But I am delighted to share my impression of the day. Maybe I'll send them a copy for their den.



  1. This is undoubtedly your best work, yet!!!! I love the brushwork and the wolves are stunning!

  2. Wow, thanks Azra! Their coloring is fairly cryptic, so making them the stars was the difficulty. I love their elegant motion. Course I thought of your wolf drawing from not long ago!

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    1. Thanks Chris!! It's a steep climb, learning watercolors! Lot of respect to those who have mastered this medium!!

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  5. How sweet Melle, the loveliest subject, made me smile :-)

  6. Jane, that is the nicest thing to hear! Thank you!