Saturday, October 12, 2013

At last...

At last! Back to art!

It's been far too long...Some very happy times this summer with our wonderful wedding in Hawaii and the move to our House in the Woods. Lots of memories in the making.

It's been hard having very little use of my right arm, though. Developed something called Adhesive Capsulitis and let me tell you, it's been unbelievably painful. So the pain is starting to diminish but still not a lot of movement possible. So this is a little sketch just trying to get back into practice.

Working on a new project...having to deal with the arm but excited about the image. So, friends, it's good to be back. Hope this finds you all well and enjoying life. Aloha!


  1. Hi Melle!!!
    Congratulations on your wedding and move! Love the drawing, its a great start and I look forward to more as your arm improves.
    Its good to have you back my friend.xx