Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Final Portrait Red and Green

Only three sessions with this model...ran out of time to to really finish to the level I wanted, but c'est la vie. Fun to do anyway.  My copy of The Bostonians Painters of an Elegant Age arrived already, but have only had time to make a glancing acquaintance with it, enough to be pleased with the purchase. Have been looking at Classical Painting Atelier by Juliette Aristides lately as well, which I purchased at last year's Portrait Society of America meeting. Aristides has made a very straightforward discussion of "classical" painting methods accessible and provocative, by incorporating a generous mix of paintings both contemporary and classical. Among them, Rubens' Four Studies of a Head is an education all in itself.

Sometimes, it's great to soak in the influences...and then get back to the paint. Aloha!

Hey, Happy Birthday to my dear little blog! One year and counting!


  1. Great portrait with excellent values, love the bold colors in this painting!

  2. Thank you, Jane! This one is the most satisfying to me so far...I feel like it has a certain tangibility that I like.