Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Bostonians

Ordering this book today: The Bostonians Painters of an Elegant Age by Trevor Fairbrother after seeing it in class today...

My intention in this portrait is putting it all together. Trying to work with composition, values, edges, and the over-all impact as it comes along. This is starting to be fun...


  1. Beautiful Melle!! Love the hair especially!

    Art books are what I cherish above clothes,shoes....

  2. Yes i must agree Melle. A very lovely portrait indeed. Book sounds great too.

  3. I really like the punch of color in this. The gorgeous red hair against the green background. Stunning.

  4. Thanks Azra, Giselle...would be so great to get together and paint sometime! I am really missing the Daily Paintworks challenges, but my schedule has been completely overbooked lately. That's one reason I am soooo devoted to Tom's portrait classes. They keep me sane!