Monday, November 7, 2011

Time for Turquoise

Session Two with Jean...everyone is so inspired by this model. I'm really looking forward to seeing the final paintings next week. With permission, I may try to post some some photos of the class. Jean was the first model I painted in Tom Edgerton's class, and the first painting I did with oils. Never made it past a very rudimentary sketch that go round. Feels like I've made some real progress since last spring, which is very motivating.

We were talking about turquoise a bit in class. There are some colors that are extremely difficult to mix from other colors, such that they still have intensity, and aren't dulled or gray. In my experience, purple can be one example, and turquoise is another. Sometimes it's better to have something that can be used straight out of the tube. So, glad I picked up some turquoise to try, recently, so I can play with it and try to understand how it mixes with other pigments.Love it. Aloha!


  1. Wow Melle!! This is beautiful,I love the skin tones and her expression.

  2. Thanks Azra! It's starting to come along. Such a great model...would love to show some of her spirit. One more session to go.

  3. Looks fantastic Melle. Can't wait to see finish. I know what you mean about colors dulling and losing their intensity when mixing- I just picked up a tube of Turquoise myself because I love the color so much and just because I couldn't get the right combination with any of the blues and greens i already had.