Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fuquay Varina Plein Air 2015

Came to see the Plein Air Event in Fuquay Varina and had to do at least one little study of a pretty little pond. I wanted to arrive earlier and watch more but the day didn't go that way. Very glad to see at least part. Off to see all the official entries now.

Entries by Rocky Alexander (top, on left) and Sally Sutton
and JJ Jiang (bottom, on left) and Christopher Reid. 

Lots of other gorgeous work! 



  1. Your plein air work has a lovely spring freshness to it, a joy to look at!!

  2. Thanks Azra! So much of the landscape here is overlapping trees that I am trying to sort out how to compose them and make them "read". It's been hard to find examples even.

  3. I love both the tree and pond. Your reflections are perfect and your green make me envious because I have trouble getting the right green.
    The Plein Air event looks great and know it was successful.

    1. Thanks Julie! Yes, I'd like to know what channel the warm dark greens are on. You work some magic with the blues and pinks especially.

  4. Some beautiful paintings displayed here, and love your little pond painting, like Azra said , so very fresh and spring like !

  5. Thank you, Jane! Have been trying to show the feel of the moment as well as the look of it.