Saturday, December 13, 2014

Two Waterfalls

The first image is a streamside watercolor sketch done at Limahuli Garden and Preserve, with about 30 minutes into it, before the heat made us retreat. The light changed dramatically in that time, as well!

The second image is of a much larger set of waterfalls, overlooking Hanalei, but it's a much smaller sketch. I think it's a bit like a haiku, and fleeting, because it no longer exists! I continued painting over it. But I like this little moment, so here it is in digital form.



  1. both a lovely paintings capturing the essence of place and mood.
    I am really drawn to the beautiful colors in the smaller one. It glows on my monitor.

  2. Thank you for saying ... I thought it was a risk whether anyone would like the little one but it sang to me a little song!