Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Purple Hat

Some creative license here...the hat is actually a dark reddish pink, and may end up that way again, but today it wanted to be purple for a while. Reminds me of the Red Hat Society ladies who wear purple clothing and red hats, just reversed.

Sorry about the oddly cropped photo (all I have at this stage). It's certainly against the advice of Shane Michael Neal to post poor photographs of works in progress. And I don't disagree, but somehow, I don't mind letting you watch over my shoulder while I paint.We're all friends!

Tom Edgerton was gracious enough to share with me a preview of a major commission he is almost finished with. Frankly, it's magnificent. And it's really inspiring to me to see him taking some serious challenges and turning them into a wonderful piece of art. So a big thank you to Tom and to all the artists who share their inspirations and processes.

Let's see if I can capture a bit more of this model's sweet smile and the twinkle in her spirit next week. Aloha!


  1. Thanks, Mel. I appreciate your input and focus. It was an added boost of energy. Great work in class yesterday.

    --Tom E

  2. Hi Melle,I always love to see your paintings in progress! This one is definitely promising and I look forward to seeing if the hat is going to be purple or red. : )

  3. Sometimes, I have to reach a bit to find the energy...it turns out I was coming down with a bad cold and "crashed" later that afternoon! Just glad I got to paint a little before getting laid low. I have a pillow that says "laughter is the best medicine", but really I think art is...