Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Value Relationships

Sounds like something to put on a Tshirt...along with Love One Another. We were speaking primarily of value relationships today in portrait class. Looking not just at the question of what value is this particular spot, but what's the relationship between these two areas of light and dark. Value shifts, even when subtle, do so much to express form in painting.

Still, Value Relationships is not a bad thing to keep in mind on  Election Day...it's easy to feel "unloved" when we allow issues to divide us. Sometimes it's easy to equate "issue" with "value", but we might find perfect agreement on values and yet find ourselves on opposite sides of any particular issue. Where some say that the end justifies the means, Gandhi said the end is the means. So, every day,  I'll  try to keep patience and respect close at hand. After all, we're neighbors. Aloha!


  1. There is warmth and expression in this wonderful portrait!! I love the brushwork and the depth of colour!! This is definitely my favourite so far.
    If we all kept patience and respect it would be a much safer world,so amen to that.

  2. That's a lovely thought Melle, thank you for sharing it. And I really like how you've painted her neck. Cheers, Karen