Monday, October 29, 2012

Here and Now

Here and Now  is a pastel painting which I just completed for the already sold out 21st Annual March of Dimes Chefs Auction.  Many talented Greensboro chefs celebrate local foods and we are fortunate in the Triad to have some wonderful restaurants and food sources (a shout-out to Maxie B's too, with their dedication to local ingredients...just a personal favorite). With that inspiration, I rounded up some Restless Soul Red Table Wine from Old North State Winery and My Three Sons gourmet Pimento Cheese from right here in Greensboro and displayed them in another local favorite of mine (my Sweetheart's back yard). By the way, quite a delicious set-up!

The tradition of "nature mort" (or still life) is often a reminder of the transitory nature of things. Picture my little table full of goodies precariously balanced on the grass. Then picture me picking it all up and moving it between photos as I chased the setting sun across the yard. Yes, we really are moving over 1,000 miles/hour as our planet spins...and that's not counting the orbit around the sun. So, all the more reason to enjoy our fleeting, flying moments. Here and Now is an elusive concept. Aloha!


  1. It's crazy when you chase the light! Probably why I work from photos so often. This is a wonderful still life. Very nice with the soft line and muted tones. Yummy!

  2. Thanks, Stephanie! I love chasing the light...I just don't usually do it quite so literally. I have this as my screen saver right now and it's cheering me up on a very blustery gray day here (thanks to Hurricane Sandy). Time to bring the party indoors!

  3. Thanks Tom! Really want to try this again someday...a totally different set of challenges...

  4. Accidentally deleted Tom's comment and can't figure how to put it back except cut and it is (you can tell it means a lot to me!)

    Wow! VERY nice--TE