Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quick note...eBay auctions

New auctions starting for several paintings on eBay...and will post more this week when I have a chance. Daily Paintworks now has a gallery of my work available for viewing and has links to the auctions from that site, which might make them easier to find. Go to Daily Paintworks (see the link over on the right) and search Artist List for Melle Ferre (I think they are shown in alphabetical order by last name, usually). Just click on "gallery" and the painting you might be interested in for a closer view. If your searching in eBay, look for Melle Ferre, which is in the listing title for each.

Someday, I'll get it all seamlessly integrated with the website and the blog gallery, etc! Hopefully, this is fairly straightforward for now. Thanks for visiting! aloha!

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